Spiritual Services for Seamen




The International Seamen’s Center (ISC) located at the Port of Wilmington offer at no charge to the seamen, religious literature and bibles.

ISC chaplains provide a ministry onsite to help meet the spiritual needs of thousands of seafarers who visit the Port each year.  The Seamen’s Center has a chapel located in it’s new building, which opened in 2013, for prayer, meditation, and worship. Upon request, religious services can be conducted onboard a vessel.

Volunteers demonstrate the love of God through their hospitality and will gladly arrange to take visiting seafarers to church services if schedules allow.  The Seamen’s Center operates a fleet of vans to provide transportation to  church services in the Wilmington area at no cost to the seamen.

ISC chaplains draw upon a community of religious leaders of various faiths and denominations who stand ready to conduct worship services and provide spiritual counseling and pastoral care. With 24 hours notice, the ISC can normally arrange for a Catholic Mass with ordained priests and Protestant services with ordained ministers.

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