International Seamen’s Center Volunteers (non-Board Members)

Updated: July, 2016

Kathy Barringer
Frank Bua
Fr. Michael Burbeck
Janet Capillary
George Clarke
Shirley Freeman
Tim Griffin
Mike Hartley
Fr. Patrick Keane
Laurie King

Sally Lennon – Trustee Emeritus
George Lerose
Marc Maus
Ron McCord
Diane McCord
Patty McGuire
Don McMahon
Dan Minler
Matthew Murphy
Sabina Newman

Mary Palazzolo
David Rochelle
Peter Sanza
Dr. Andre Sarmiento
John Scheffel
Bill Shourds – Chaplain Emeritus
Bill Stines
Stephen Taylor
David Tolan – Trustee Emeritus
Reade Walley

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Your participation will contribute greatly to the life and spirit of the mission.

The Seaman’s Center’s work is often unheralded but is a vital service to the shipping industry because it is part of a volunteer network of centers that care for the welfare of the 1.5 million global seafarers who we all rely on. Each year, the International Seaman’s Center and its volunteers minister to over 7,000 seafarers who arrive on ships from every corner of the world in the Port City. They are a critical link in?facilitating global trade, delivering North Carolina’s exports to overseas customers, and creating local jobs. Over 90 percent of world trade is transported on cargo vessels; and it can be a dangerous job at times. No matter what problem a seafarer is facing, they know when they arrive in the Port City they can turn to the International Seamen’s Center for help, advice, and support. Our chaplains and volunteers offer practical and spiritual support and we maintain volunteer staff at the Center seven days a week. If you would like to make a world of difference, please consider joining us as a volunteer and become a world missionary without leaving home!

International Seamen’s Center Building

Located onsite at the Port of Wilmington, NC
P.O. Box 486
Wilmington, NC 28402
Phone – 910-762-3792
Website: ISCWilmington.org
Email: ISCWilmington@gmail.com

Chaplain - Ritchie Wammack
Ritchie Wammack

Phone – 910-297-3669
Email: seamenscenter@hotmail.com

Associate Chaplain/Community Outreach - Henry Capillary
Associate Chaplin/Community Outreach
Henry Capillary

Phone – 910-231-6415
Email: seamenscenter@hotmail.com

Our purpose at the International Seamen’s Center is to minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the seamen who enter the Port of Wilmington. We accomplish this by showing the Love of Christ in God’s Ministry at the Seamen’s Center. By providing a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere the seamen will take this attitude home with them and share God’s Love all over the world.The International Seamen’s Center offers bibles, tracts, literature and the “Jesus” film in many languages to encourage the growth of Christ in the life of each seamen that visits our port. We offer to pray with them in groups or individually as needed in the situation. Church services are provided in the chapel area at the Seamen’s Center or on board their ship.We have a passion for Christ and want to see all come to know Him. If this is your vision please contact us to become a part of this exciting and rewarding ministry. Serving through this ministry you can become an international missionary without leaving Wilmington.God Bless You,Ritchie & Henry

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